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Vegan Picks - Palma de Mallorca

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Palma, beautiful Palma! And Santa Catalina - I would move there tomorrow if I could, because it has everything I need to be happy in one area! Several healthy eateries just around the corner from each other, Kundalini yoga studio, lots of super cool bars and cafés, and a vegan supermarket!! - Really - This is the area you want to stay in, or close to in Palma, specially if you are a health freak like me :-) So, let me tell you about my personal faves in this area.

No 1. Mama Carmen´s , C/Cervantes 21

Coffee - Kitchen - Bakery

This beautiful little café is 100% vegan. Just the thought makes my mouth go great coffees, sweets, cakes, salads, soups - just try everything on the menu, you will not be disappointed!

No. 2 Ziva to go, Plaça de la Navegació, 11a

Healthy raw vegan café - Eat like you give a f***

Great raw food café just next to the Santa Catalina Market. Lots of fresh yammi stuff from juices and smoothies to salads, wraps, bowls, sweets etc. etc. They also sell lots of great superfood powders and other "must have" stuff for health freaks :-)

Vegetarian restaurant and spiritual shop

This is a beautiful spacious, open and light restaurant with the most amazing staff ever. They are beaming lights, all of them. The food is healthy, organic, fresh and tasty. They host yoga and other blissful events there and their spiritual shop has lots of nice and interesting products. A definite "must" in Santa Catalina. Oh, I almost forgot - they have a beautiful quiet outdoor seating area too.

No. 4. Santina, C. Annibal 19

Healthy & Delicious - Brunch & More

This is a colorful and pretty café close to the Santa Catalina Market with outdoor seating, and its perfect for brunch. The menu is quite large, with lots of yummi vegan options to choose from. Great juices, smoothies and coffees too, so this place is not to be missed.

No. 5 Fal & Feel , Calle Sindicato 33

Take away falafel specialists

This is a great take away place in the old town of Palma. The menu is based on falafel, however you want it; In a bowl, in a pita etc. etc. All the items on the buffet is included in the price, so feel free to pile up on the good stuff! Perfect for a quick lunch or take away meals.

No. 6 Bon Lloc, Calle san Feliu 7

Vegan Restaurant

This a 100% vegan restaurant open for lunch and dinner. It located right next to the main shopping area in Palma, between the old town and Santa Catalina. The staff is very friendly, the food is simply amazing, and the desserts.. My God! Treat yourself with a 3 course meal here :-)

This is just a very small handpicked selection of places in Santa Catalina in Palma..

There are plenty more all over the city, and island in general! Yei!

More places to check out in Palma are:

Lo Vegano Supermarket for all things vegan

Temple Natura looks gorgeous

Compost Vegano looks like a real treat

Tierra Azteca looks nice n spicy

Veggys has got some pretty tasty looking healthy fast food

... and the list continues..

Will try them all next time!

Palma is a real vegan treat - Enjoy!

Also, support the great work of the local animal rescue organizations:

Rabbit rescue - Orejotasbuscandohogar

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