© 2017 Vegan Pop Up Café by Benedikte Koldingsnes

Norways first vegan food truck (hurray!)

We offer healthy, sustainable and cruelty free bites, meals and fresh beverages to people on the go. 

We pop up on different events, markets and festivals around town, and sometimes we appear in other cities around Norway too.

Companies and organizations can rent the truck for summerparties, marketing activities and so on. Look here for our picture gallery on what we have done so far.


We are flexible and creative so please feel free to drop us a line at hello@veganpopupcafe.com, and we will figure out how to cater for your needs the best possible way.

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This little "pioneer" has a strong set of values and we want to do what we can to change the world we live in for the better. As always we do it in our own way, and always with a smile.

Our concept and values are based around the three things we think matter the most:

- YOU and your health - which is why we only serve nutritious home cooked food, made with love from scratch - and this is without exception so you can always be certain that our food will be good for you and for your children. The food will be organic when possible and mostly gluten free. Our menu consist of freshly squeezed juice, raw food, smoothie bowls, curries, soups and super healthy beverages packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


- THE ANIMALS and their wellbeing - thats why we never ever serve any animal products from the truck.

- THE ENVIRONMENT - which is why we only use environmentally friendly wrapping made from bamboo, paper or wood. We are plastic free and will always be. If you bring your own cup, thats wonderful, and we´ll give you a hug for doing so :-) We also try to use locally grown vegetables as much as possible.

So, if you think these values are important too, we would love to hear from you - Maybe we can create something great together!


Say hello@veganpopupcafe.com





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