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Vegan Picks - Oslo, Norway

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As Norway is rated amongst the top 20 best countries in the world to be vegan, (whaat?) I had to explore what the capital had to offer, because my city can´t possibly be part of this rating.. unfortunately..

Anyway.. Oslo on the other hand, is a totally different world, so now I understand the ranking a bit more! Yei! GO Oslo, Bergen will hopefully follow!

I used the Vegan Norway,- and HappyCow App., in addition to advise from local vegans to create my list of places to visit, and these are my yummy findings!

1. Happy Foods, café

Clean, plant based and colorful healthy foods

Neuberggata 2a, 0367 Oslo

This little casual café is located behind the Royal Palace, and they offer all sorts of colorful and healthy food. The café has a few seats inside and some seating options outside. (No WC)

The menu consist of fresh and healthy bites and both hot n cold beverages. We enjoyed a carrot waffle with homemade jam and peanut butter, coconut cream/yoghurt and apples, and a beetroot hummus and avo toast with beetroot lattes (2 iced lattes, one regular). Delicious! Go check out this place for your daily health boost!

2. Oslo Raw, café

Raw pleasures, 100% plant based

Ullevålsveien 82, 0454 Oslo

This is the most lovely feminine café I have ever visited in Norway I think. Its open, bright, airy with some pink touches and just so pretty and French. The menu consist of lovely raw bites and treats, and I had the pleasure of enjoying a bowl with homemade coconut yoghurt and muesli, and a raw passionfruit cake. So yummy! This cute little piece of raw heaven is found behind the Royal Palace. Go there and suck in that lovely Paris feeling.

3. Silk Road, restaurant and food stall

Organic restaurant with focus on ethics and sustainability, 100% plant based, fine dining, gourmet street food

Restaurant: Munkedamsveien 100, 0270 Oslo

Food stall: Oslo Street Food, Torggata 16

As their regular fine dining restaurant was temporarily closed due to codvid, I visited their food stall in Oslo Street Food instead. I have never really been a big fan of dumplings, but this time I just knew I would like it. And oh my God, what a treat. Perfect consistency, spicy, fresh, just amazing taste all around. Go check out this stall, and try the whole menu!

How they describe their food concept:

Silk Road is gourmet street food concept focused on providing a wholly ethical and environmentally sustainable product. Serving exclusively vegan and gluten free food, and promising only dishes made from scratch with no artificial ingredients or ‘fake-meats´. Drawing inspiration from the trade routes of the world, Silk Road looks to all the cuisines touched and influenced along the way.

4. The Juicery, café

Cold pressed juice, and tasty plant based health-foods and beverages

Several locations in Oslo city

This urban health café offers all the healthy classics; Freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, bowls, coffees, sandwiches and even chaga chocolate latte. YAM! This is THE place to go for that super healthy breakfast or lunch when you are on the go. Locations are spread all over the city.

Perfect breakfast! Acai bowl with homemade muesli and hemp seeds, and chaga chocolate latte! Hello immune system, here is an antioxidant bomb that will keep you going for the text decade or so. :-D

5. Enjoy Moon, food truck

Vegan food truck, offering burgers and drinks

I can no longer brag about being the only vegan food truck in Norway, because now they have one in Oslo too (but I can still say I was the first! Yei!) Anyway, the truck offers 3 different types of burgers (and homemade buns); Green, red and orange (if i remember correctly) And these burgers were something else! The taste-combinations were very different to what you normally would expect, and I absolutely loved them all! Fresh, spicy and you could tell that everything was made from scratch. Yei!

The truck is located in a charming and rustic back yard called Prindsehagen, which might possibly be the most charming back yard in Oslo. It reminds me very much of an almost identical yard I visited in the Wynwood District in Miami a couple of years ago. Same laid back vibe, lots of veggie-plants, flowers, long tables and benches. I could sit here the whole day to be honest. Just lovely.

6. Vippa, food court

Akershusstranda 25

Vippa is a food court situated just in the waterfront on the edge of the Oslo fjord in a place formerly used to store goods from all over the world. Now it acts as the hub for 11 food stands, offering sustainable and diverse food and a laid back vibe. There were no 100% vegan places here, but many had vegetarian options available, which could be done vegan. So that is what we went for; a veggie option made vegan, and there was no compromise on taste as far we could tell. We were having some local beers too, so we went for the tacos from Casa Mexico. YAM!

Food stalls with veggie options were:


Other places to check out in Oslo:

7. King Falafel, food truck in Youngstorget

8. Funky Fresh Food, restaurant in DOGA

9. Loving Hut, restaurant in Bjerregaards gate 6

10. Monsun, asian sushi/noodle restaurant, vegan options, Helgesens gt 12

11. Theka, indian street food, vegan options, Olaf Ryes plass 10

12. Restaurant Einer, vegetarian friendly restaurant, Prinsens gate 18

13. Ostara Bar, drinks n veggies, Kirkegata 20

14. Kumi, organic and vegan, Schweigaards gate 56 a

15. Jungle Pizza, vegan friendly, Dalsbergstien 6a

16. Lett, salads, wraps, juices, different locations

17. Nordvegan, award-winning vegan restaurant, Kristian IVs gate 15

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