Founder & Health freak

Benedikte is the founder of Vegan Pop Up Cafe and a certified holistic health coach for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY. Benedikte also calls herself a health freak, and is passionate about healthy eating and animal welfare.


Benedikte has been a vegetarian since 2010, and a vegan since 2016 after meeting one of the best activists in the world, James Aspey. 

Benedikte har been in the hospitality industry her whole career, with a business degree from ICMS in Sydney, and setting up her own business has been a dream for a long time. And now she is doing it, YEI!

The little fluffy guy on the picture, is her fur baby Ludvig, which pretty much runs the show where ever he goes. He loves riding around in the truck, so you´ll see often in our insta stories :-)

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Pastry chef from Italy

Sofia has been an enthusiastic cake-lover since childhood. After successfully graduating from the National Academy for Bakers and Pastry Chefs Academy in Berlin, she has worked as a pastry chef in Italy, and developed new tricks and creative flavor combinations and decorations.
Sofia embraced the vegan lifestyle around 2011 and having a major sweet tooth, she struggled due to the lack of plant based options available in cafés and shops. So I said "I'm gonna create those options myself, for her and everyone else who has a vegan diet and still want to enjoy the pure bliss of a slice of chocolate cake or some freshly baked cookies!"

Sofia joined the team in January 2020, and we could´nt be happier to have  her on our team.

Festival overview

These are some of the many festivals and events we have participated on either once or several times over the years! And the list grows every year!
  • Bergen Streetfood Festival
  • Bergenfest
  • Pride - Bergen
  • Green Food Fest - Jessheim
  • Landåsfest - Landås, Bergen
  • Ekstremsport Veko - Voss
  • Vill Vill Vest - Bergen
  • Den Store Restefesten - Festplassen, Bergen
  • Hagefest - Botanisk Hage Milde
  • Japansk Dag - Botanisk Hage, Milde
  • Supermat - Botanisk Hage, Milde
  • Åpning av Matskogen på Landås - Bergen
  • Eidsvåg Hagemarked, Bergen
  • Sykkel VM - Bergen
  • Bergen Matfestival
  • Miljøpartiet De Grønnes Park Dag
  • Sommerdager i Tresse under Palmesus - Kristiansand
  • Våremning i Christinegård
  • Vår,- og høstdager i Universitetshagen på Høyden
  • Bergen Vegan Festival
  • Tendens Design og Interiør messe
  • Arkitektstudentens sommerfest
  • Sommerkonsert med filharmonien i Nygårdsparken
  • Hjertefred
  • BIFF
  • Åpning av Lønningen Lystgård
  • Bergen Beauty Messe
  • Ferieklubben USF
  • Nordic Choice Dagene

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