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Vegan Picks Amsterdam

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I visited Amsterdam in the fall of 2020 to explore what this amazing city has to offer for vegans. And WOW, I was not let down. I mean just look at this one screenshot of De Pijp area.

8 different vegan and vegetarian eateries all within walking distance. HEAVEN!!

In addition to all this yummy goodness, Amsterdam is just an amazingly beautiful city. The narrow streets, the pretty bridges, the beautiful old townhouses, flowers and bicycles everywhere, and last but not least, smiling friendly dutchies on every corner. It is so easy to fall completely in love with this city.

As I visited during the corona times, I was only able to visit a couple of places before they had to shut down, and I could only order take away, so thats why you´ll see some the dishes in take away containers.

Okay, let's get into it!

1. Mr & Mrs Watson - Award winning restaurant & Vegan Cheesery

Linnaeuskade 3h, 1098 BC Amsterdam

This place is known for their amazing cheeses, so of course, I had to try their cheese platter. And I totally understand why their cheeses are awarded. They were simply unbelievable! The restaurant is small, charming and cosy with very friendly staff, so I would absolutely recommend visiting this place for lunch with your girlfriends, or when going on a date. 10 points!

2. Mr Blou I love You - Possibly The Best Falafel in The World!

Elandsgracht 150, 1016 VC Amsterdam

Facebook/Instagram - mrblouiloveyou

This is not your ordinary street food stall. The falafel is simply exceptional, as well as the vegan salads, wraps, cakes etc. All made by a former Michelin star chef, Mr Blou.

A brief history of this great little food stall:

‘Mr. Blou’ is a former Michelin star chef, who started his streetfood stall in October 2017, at the kiosk on the other side of the police station at Marnixstraat. After being burned out from his previous jobs, he quit and went travelling. In Singapore he discovered a streetfood stall so good, it actually had a Michelin star, so an idea started developing in his head.

Back in Amsterdam, he cooked voluntarily for Syrian refugees for a while, and from all the things he made, they loved his falafel the most, and the idea for the streetfood stall was created, and following the tradition of French chefs, he named it after himself. And the falafel became his signature dish.

The falafel in this place is not your traditional falafel. It's got Japanese influences which make it so incredibly tasty. The base is chickpeas and white beans, fermented for two days. Then ingredients such as daikon and spinach are added, as well as many herbs and spices.

“My falafel becomes a celebration.” Mr Blou says, and I can't agree with him more. His falafel is a simple "must have" when visiting this city.

3. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Several locations in Amsterdam

The name says it all, and yes, they are serving damn good junk food in this place. I'd go here for my guilty pleasures every time! You can find them in several locations in Amsterdam. Go check it out! The patty is Beyond Burger if i remember correctly, but the rest of the yammi stuff is made there. So, yes, yes, and yes!

4. Vegabond - Plant-based store, deli & catering

De Clercqstraat 48, 1052 NH Amsterdam

A 100% vegan deli and store! HEAVEN! And what a selection they had to offer! As I am a "cheese freak", I tried several incredibly tasty kinds of cheese here during my 2-month stay in Amsterdam. I also grabbed some tasty meals from the deli, all super yammi! Every city deserve to have a shop like this!

5. Alchemist Garden - Raw food, juice bar, breakfast, dinner shop, take away, delivery

Overtoom 409

In this little vegan haven all things are organic and you find lots of raw food on the menu. The café has an organic expression that is easy to fall in love with. Just one street behind the beautiful Vondel Park. I enjoyed a green juice and a tasty cake after a bike-ride in the park. Highly recommended.

6. The Meatless District, restaurant

Bilderdijkstraat 65-67 (oud West) Van Woustraat 189-191 (De Pijp)


100% vegan restaurant, with burgers, lasagna and fondu on the menu! YAMMI! I enjoyed a superfood salad which was very tasty and filling! Nice and open space, friendly staff - highly recommended.

7. The Avocado Show - "Pretty healthy food made with love from sustainable avocados"

Found in several locations in Amsterdam (and also in Brussels and Madrid)

So, as you can probably tell from the name, this place its all about one amazing little fruit, the All Migthy Avocado. They have avo-fries, avo-hummus, poke bowls, toasts and burgers made either with, or of, avocado. The place is not completely vegan, but with this much avo on the menu, it can simply not be missed. I loved the interior design too, with lots of plants on the walls.

8. Mastino - The first 100% Vegan and gluten-free pizzeria in Amsterdam.

Bilderdijkstraat 192 & Eerste van der Helststraat 78

So, this a pretty uniq little pizzeria with all gluten-free doughs and all vegan pizzas on the menu. (I almost couldn´t belive it at first..haha) So it guess it cant get much better then this if you are both vegan and allergic to gluten.

The menu is large with lots of choices as you can see. To be honest I cant remember which pizza I picked, and I also completely forgot to take a picture of it, so I guess that speaks for it self. I loved it!

9. Beter & Leuk

Eerste Oosterparkstraat 91 and 73

This place has a great focus on homemade food, but I already knew what I was going to have before I looked at the menu. I was going to try the famous Deutch Weed Burger! It comes with a special sauce, light green weed buns, and sweet potatoes fries. And now you migth be wondering if you get stoned when eating Amsterdam after all, so I totally get why you would get confused. I mean, I did too at first.. haha..

The taste pallet was so different then what you normally would think of when eating a burger, but the taste combinations and textures worked great together!

So, go there - try The Deutch Weed Burger! Boom!

10. Deer Mama Mylk & Burger Bar - Winner of best vegan restaurant in 2019

Ceintuurbaan 71


This great little place is located smack bang in the center of De Pijp area, "the hipster area" of Amsterdam. So it definitely has that vibe and feel. They offer lots of cakes, muffins, doughnuts in addition to burgers, but as I dont have much of a sweet tooth, I went for a burger. Pretty tasty stuff!

11. SLA - Organic salad bar

12 locations in Amsterdam and all over the Netherlands

Instagram: ilovesla

This great salad bar chain makes healthy food very available having many locations around town, and they offer lots of different tasty salads, all organic. I had several during my stay in Amsterdam on my way to,- or from the office or when I wanted a healthy meal while enjoying a nice stoll in the Vondel Park.


12. Wheat. Pray. Love - Seitan makers

These guys have the best seitan I have ever tried in my life!

Here im enjoying a chixn stick with peanut sauce. OMG - So incredibly tasty!

13. Mr Plaenty - street food catering


So many places, so little time. These guys are on my list for next time!

Bar Bistro Calypso

Helin´s Vegan Dröner

Vegan Sushi Bar

Waku Waku (utrecht)

Dutch Vegan Bakery (zaandijk)

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