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Vegan picks - Melbourne

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

My dear Lord.. where do I begin? Melbourne must be (probably is) the no. 1 foodie place in Australia (sorry Sydney), and vegan restaurants and eateries are literally everywhere! Halleluja!

I focused on the Fitzroy area, and tried to eat at as many places as I could during my week there. These are my top picks!

The Vegie Bar , 380 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065

This was the first restaurant I tried during my visit in Melbourne and to be honest, after a quick glance at the menu I thought to my self; I dont really need to go anywhere else, Im just going to move in here :-) The place was jammed packed pretty much all day, every day and I totally understand why. Its a pretty rustic and casual place, and perfect for both lunch and dinner. I tried a few things on the menu, and (drum roll...) the all mighty "Better than a Big Mac" burger is the BEST vegan burger I have ever had I my life - hands down! Its simply a MUST the first time you visit this place.

Transformer, 99 Rose st. FITZROY

Looking for innovative plant based gourmet food? Look no further! As "everywhere else" in this area of Melbourne, it was pretty much fully booked every night, but I was lucky enough to manage to squeeze in one early evening before the main rush started. And My God am I glad I didnt give up on getting in here. The food was simply stunning and just totally mouthwatering... The ambiance was amazingly chilled and laid back, but sophisticated at the same time, so if you wish to experience some fine vegan dining - THIS is your place!

Smith & Daughter / Smith & Deli, 175 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

I actually never made it into the restaurant, (it was always fully booked) so I went and tried their Deli in stead - and the line was out the door during lunch hours every time I passed. The deli had a huge menu, offering pretty much everything you could ever wish for in fast food, in vegan versions. Yei!

Girls & Boyz , 382a Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Vegan ice cream! Right next to Vegie Bar (same owners)! Need I say more? Ice cream/smoothie bowl HEAVEN!


Admiral Cheng-Ho, 325 Johnston St Abbotsford VIC 3067

After almost a week I finally managed to get my a... out of the Fitzroy area, (it was almost impossible) to try places in other areas too. This speciality coffee bar and restaurant is what I would call " ûber-hip" with a very minimalistic / industrial feel to it with funky background music. The menu is small but very nice (always rotating) and their coffee... Wow, from a different world! I went here for lunch and tried their Smashed avocado sandwich and Aztec soup. Both super delish!

The Boot Factory , 19 Pentridge Blvd, Coburg

I loved this place the second I walked in the door. It used to be an actual boot factory back in the days and the building dates back to the 1850s.. so a lot of history in the walls here. (Fun fact: it was once part of the Coburg penitentiary where well behaved prisoners worked making shoes & boots for the prison guards) The space is airy, open and colorful with playful furniture and colorful decorations, so therefore - very inviting. I had lunch and breakfast here a few times, and it was perfect. The restaurant is not 100% vegan, but they had many vegan options to choose from, great juices and smoothies, amazing coffees, salads, etc. etc. If I lived in the area, I would have my breakfast here (often) :-)

The Merri Clan , Miller St./Gilbert road, Preston VIC

This a great little place with a cute courtyard and outdoor seating in the back. I tried their Banh Mi 16; Jackfruit “pulled pork”, house made mushroom pate, Asian slaw, crunchy shallots and peanuts in a smoky black charcoal bun. VERY TASTY! First time I have had both pulled jackfruit and smokey black charcoal bun! My friend had the vegan nachos, and after we enjoyed amazing coffees and a yammi sweet banana-bread bagel.

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