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Vegan Picks - Barcelona

Barcelona - my favorite city in Europe. This city always has tons of things going on, the sun is always shining (almost) and the vegan food scene is growing and blooming. Gotta love this city! It has every thing going for it!

So, this is a list of my recommendations and personal favorites!

No. 1 The Green Spot, C. de la Reina Cristina 12, 08003 Barcelona

Veggie for veggies - Veggie for non-veggies #thespotbarcelona

This is a beautiful restaurant with a big WOW factor, due to the unique organic interior. Its open, and spacious and the ambiance is lovely and chilled. It feels like a restaurant version of a spa, if that makes any sense. Lots of wood blended beautifully with the white concrete arches. Its just beautiful, and a 100% must see! The location is perfect too, just by the port.

I had the pleasure of trying two of their mouthwatering pizzas, which for the record, was the best vegan pizzas I have ever had. So boom - there you have it. TRY THEIR PIZZAS!

I was there at night (so therefor bad lighting), so the pictures do not do the pizzas any justice, but still, these was the ones I tried. SO YAMMI!

No 2. Flax & Kale, C. Tallers 74b, Placa Castella, Ciutat Vella

Eat better - Be happier - Live longer

This amazing restaurant has been my nr 1. restaurant for years. Really, I love it so much that I have to visit it at least two times every time im in Barcelona.

Its a flexiterian restaurant, but their menu is so extensive, so you´ll have plenty of options.

This time I tried their raw vegan options, and holy crap, Im glad i did.

I tried the raw lasagne, and it was a taste explosion happening in my mouth the whole meal through. Just WOW! (the other options looked super tasty too, but there is only so much food a person can eat..)

The second time i visited I tried their ramen. Also seriously tasty, and if you think ramen isn´t going to fill you up; think again. It was so filling that I had no chance at finishing it.

The restaurant is always packed and buzzing with people. They have a beautiful outdoor seating upstairs, with lots of flowers and plants hanging from the walls. Its so pretty, and a perfect setting for a great night out either with friends or family, not to mention for a date.

If i lived in Barcelona, I would be a regular here. No doubt about it.

Again, I was here at night, so the lighting is poor, but the taste of these dishes were amazing.

This restaurant has a juice bar attached to it, by the famous chef Teresa Carles, which I belive owns both concepts. She has one more restaurant (vegetarian) called Teresa Carles, so go check it out. The address is C. Jovellanos 2, (Entre Pelai i Tallers)

Nr. 3 Vegetalia, 3 locations: in Barrio Gotico (C. Escudellers 54), in Raval (Pl. Emili Vendrell 1), in Born (Pl. del fossar de les moreres).

This a casual restaurant chain with 3 locations around town and they offer both local and international dishes. I had their paella. So tasty! Highly recommended!

Nr. 4 Bio Center, Pintor Fortuny 25.

This cute, casual restaurant is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. Its has a welcoming atmosphere and its a very "down to earth" kind of place. I loved it!

I tried their tartar called Aquí Hay Tomate, with tomato, avocado, smoked tofu, rocket, nori seaweed, red onion, ginger, coriander and lime juice and it was excellent. Highly recommended!

Nr. 5 FitBar, C. Sant Miquel 41

Okay, so these guys have the best acai bowl in Barcelona. Mmmmm...

They are located in Barceloneta, just by the beach, so its a great place to grab a healthy breakfast on the go, or a quick lunch/pick me up after a run on the beach, which is exactly what I did. I posted a short video on my instagram, go check it out here:

Nr. 6 Chök, They have 5 locations around town, i visited the one in Ramelleres 26-28

The Chocolate Kitchen!

Soooo... if you have a sweet tooth, this is the place for YOU! They are not a vegan pastry shop, but their vegan options are yummi. I had a vegan carrot muffin. So good! They have great coffee too, and the shop has a very exclusive Scandinavian expression, so jupp - I loved it!

Nr. 7 Veggie Garden, C. Dels Angels 3

100% Vegan! Hurray! This is a great casual restaurant with only vegan food. You read correctly, a whole menu just for YOU! They had a huge variety of dishes, also a menu of the day, so I almost had trouble deciding what to get. I ended up with the menu of the day, which had a nice soup, a lovely hot meal, and a nice dessert for only 9,25 euros.

Nr 8. Bacoa, 3 locations in Barcelona. I went to the one in Barceloneta: C. del Judici 15

So, if you like burgers, you are going to love this one. This is a beef burger place, (unfortunately) but since I like their vegan options (they have 3) I still would like to recommend it. They offer a selection of buns and potatoes/chips too, so here you really can tailor make you burger. Its located just by the beach, and they have both in door and out door seating, so if you are craving a burger in between all those mojitos and Chinese massages which you get offered every 5 minutes on the beach, this is the place to go.

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