Catering menu

We deliver freshly made super-tasty plant-based food to any event, and our menu is best suited as a buffet.

Our food is always made from scratch (no nasty powders here), its naturally gluten free and its always without raffined sugar. We also use as many organic products as possible.

We adjust the menu to your needs without any problem. Minimum order is for 15 persons.


Create an extra good vibe at your party by renting the truck for the evening or day. We can park it in your garden or your foaje and servere the food from there. We have done this a lot, and people just LOVE IT! 

Renting the truck cost 1600 kr per hour, incl. one staff.

Ses prices here 

This is what people say about us

Buddha Bowls  150 kr pp

Healthy, filling salads with quinoa/ lentils/ chickpeas, baked veggies, nuts, seeds and tasty sauces.

Snacks / Fingerfood   280 kr pp

Menu 1

  • Walnut empanadas with creamy sofrito sauce

  • Hummus with veggie sticks and pita bread

  • Squash rolls with fresh sunflower paté (raw food)

Meny 2 - can be 100% gluten free 

  • Summer rolls with spicy sauce (raw food)

  • Sweet and tasty bliss balls (raw food)

  • Beetroot-hummus with veggie sticks and pita bread